Monday 14 April 2003

13:24 - Intro 4k by LvR 
We are working on a win32 4ko intro, more information soon !

Tuesday 20 August 2002

10:49 - Elle est laaaaa by MooG 
Alycia est née hier soir à 21h30
La maman et le bébé se porte super bien.

Bientot des photos.

Sunday 04 August 2002

20:55 - Site update by LvR 
I've updated the site with the source of our demos and tools. There is also our Java demo engine project, which is quite unfinished

Wednesday 31 July 2002

14:43 - Are we dead ??? by LvR 
huhoo, It's a good question ...
well, it seems that we can answer that we're not motivated anymore to continue demos ....
Personnally, I have less time for demos, and I think the same thing happened to other members. But I still loved demos and I had a lot of fun all of these years !

Monday 17 June 2002

15:00 - Unrar Lib 0.4.0 by MooG 
A new version of unrarLib is out :

Tuesday 19 March 2002

11:52 - The forums are back !!! by Snork 
But now they are on a free.fr account.
You need to reupload your avatar. I didn't found the way to recover them :/

10:32 - Add 1new link by MooG 
Added a link to gametutorials.com

Wednesday 27 February 2002

16:19 - New server by LvR 
We're now on a new server and have a new domain name. The site will be entirely up soon :)

Thursday 21 February 2002

17:48 - update by LvR 
I've just updated some links in the prog section

Monday 18 February 2002

11:37 - FMOD 3.5 by LvR 
A new release of this great replayer. It's will be used in our new demo.

Just go to http://www.fmod.org/